During 2005 PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI SPA acquired the UNI EN ISO 9001 (IAF printing sector) certificate. The certification process was carried out by one of the most important and severe certification societies of Europe, the DNV – DET NORSKE VERITAS.

Particular technological equipment is used for the checks (spectrophotometer, transparency densitometer and reflection densitometer, control scales, electronic line, electronic readers of the CMC7 CHARACTER and BAR CODE, television cameras on the machines, etc.), and analytical procedures are implemented for control, both standard and also special for the most important and / or  particular products.
The laboratory tests on materials and products are made in the quality laboratory of the factory, while more complete and complex analysis are made by laboratories of authorized public bodies, for the part which cannot be performed in the internal quality laboratory. 
PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI is able to examine the products presented as of doubtful authenticity or counterfeit accurately, both in its technical offices and the laboratories mentioned above,  in order to verify their authenticity and integrity.


FSC® certification

FSC® certification is the main guarantee mechanism on the origin of wood or paper. The FSC® certification, Forest Stewardship Council®, is an international, independent and third party certification, which guarantees that the row material used to realize a wood or paper product comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.

FSC®, created in 1993, includes among its members environmental and social groups,  indigenous communities, consumer associations, forest owners, technicians, certification bodies, primary manufacturing and processing industries, which work together in order to improve the management of the forest resources all over the world.

It was developed to allow forest management industries to demonstrate they do not supply wood coming from areas where traditional and civil rights are violated; wood  from forests where high preservation values are threatened; wood coming from genetically modified trees (GM); wood coming from illegal uses; or wood coming from areas which have 

been converted from natural forests into plantations or other non-forestry uses.


Beyond the forest management certification, FSC® also provides for the certification of the companies processing the certified material through all the transformation phases. This certification is named Chain of Custody certification and allows companies to work and sell their products under the FSC® brand. The Chain of Custody certification guarantees that products such as paper actually come from certified forests.

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