Our technologies

The extremely versatile production lines allow to realize:

  • coupons for games and competitions, generic or partly filled in
  • tickets and admission tickets
  • parking vouchers, subscriptions, circulation tax stamps
  • personalization through variable data printed with laser/inkjet/microperforation, using data provided through files by customers. The data are treated with particular software developed according to customer requirements; security printings.

Through a highly qualified staff, the company designs and manufactures innovative products in the field of security printing, supports the customer in defining the technical specifications suitable for the realization of the product, manages the warehouse and logistics of the products upon customer's indication.

Intaglio printing

Intaglio printing

Cheques, passports, vouchers, savings certificates, savings books
Laser printing

Laser printing

Perforation made on cheques, numbering on coupon for the traveler, coupons for games already filled in


Train tickets, travel season tickets, parking vouchers, fuel vouchers


Coupons for games, pre-filled coupons; scratchcards


The Company has continuously made every possible effort to increase the professionalism of its technical staff and to update the technology of its production plant, representing a constant and safe reference point for the market and a partner of absolute trust and quality for the realization of security printouts.

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La Pcc Giochi e Servizi S.p.A. ha sede legale in Roma in via del Campo Boario 56/D, sede amministrativa e stabilimento in Tito Zona Industriale (Potenza)

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